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A night in an aquarium

Have you ever spent an entire night in an aquarium? ... I bet you don't!

But here on Sylt you have the unique opportunity to do so. Always during the holidays we organize this adventure together with the team of the Sylt-Aquarium.

First we choose our sleeping places. Then the first tour through the aquarium begins.

After dinner there is a second tour, but this time without lighting. This will be quite exciting, who knows what you can see in the dark aquariums.

Afterwards we go for a short walk in the fresh air and before we finally crawl into the sleeping bags, we watch another film.

The next morning we first help with the feeding of the fish, which means we can take a look behind the scenes.

After a hearty breakfast your parents can pick you up at 9:00 a.m.

The adventure night costs € 65 per child.

Please register in time, as the number of participants is limited.