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Dorint Strandresort & Spa Sylt/Westerland
Schützenstraße 20-24
25980 Sylt/Westerland
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What we are doing...

Sylt offers soooooooo many possibilities for children. That's why we often don't know where to start. But we have put a few things together for you here, so that you can also get an idea of the leisure activities for your children.

Because the free time of our little guests is just as important to us as that of their parents and therefore everyone is happy and can relax, we offer many things in our Confetti Kids Club that bring the little ones great fun without the parents. Meanwhile, the parents can be among themselves and enjoy our spa & wellness area, for example.

In our creative workshop the children can stimulate their creative thinking and really express themselves with colours, who knows, perhaps the next Picasso can be found here. Also our offers for face painting for children and pouring your own chocolate are also accepted with great pleasure - when can you ever be a butterfly or a pirate? With us almost everything is possible.

Of course, the beach games, the aqua-fun or a visit to the aquarium are not to be missed here on Sylt. Finally, the island is strongly influenced by the element water and so we also bring the importance and meaning of the sea to the little ones playfully closer.

After all, the treasure hunt, the scavenger hunt or the pirate ride are once again really exciting - these activities have almost become a must in our Confetti Kids Club.