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Hotel Dorint Strandresort & Spa Sylt/Westerland
Hotel Dorint Strandresort & Spa Sylt/Westerland
Hotel Dorint Strandresort & Spa Sylt/Westerland
Schützenstraße 20-24
25980 Sylt/Westerland
Ms Ramona Meusel

Our Sauna Area

The sauna area is a textile-free whisper zone. We ask that you before the sauna. The sauna has a varied and profound effect on most functions in the human body. Regular visit to the sauna helps for mild respiratory diseases such as colds, cough, rhinitis, circulatory problems, excessive and low blood pressure, hardening of the muscles and Spinal discomfort caused by muscles. About sauna bathing also increases the body's defences.

Basically applies to visits to the sauna:

  • Sauna beginners, elderly people and cardiovascular patients should start slowly and carefully.
  • A visit to the sauna is not recommended for fever, after drinking alcohol or skin diseases.
  • Please note before entering in the sauna area in the entrance area.

Here you will find ...

Besides the classic Finnish sauna and steam bath you will also enjoy the special pleasure of the Bauernschwitzbades (farmers sweat bath): With relaxing sounds and soothing warmth inhale the soothing herbal scents and enjoy relaxation in a gentle, alpine way even you are at the sea.

Take enough time to cool down after each sauna session, z. B. with a rain shower from our cold showers in the outside area or a rubbing with ice. It recommends a warming footbath or a rest period afterwards on the couch.